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Bob Sherwood congratulates TerryThe Doniphan Economic Development Corporation encourages you to contact their office for information about its current incentives that will make locating your business in Doniphan an irresistible proposition!

Randy Sadd, President
Doniphan Economic Development Corporation

Kim Finecy, Village Clerk
Village of Doniphan

The Nebraska Advantage Package

Since it was implemented in January 2006, the Nebraska Advantage package has helped make Nebraska a preferred location for starting or growing businesses. The act rewards businesses that invest in the state and hire Nebraskans. In this progressive, pro-business tax climate, corporate income and sales taxes are reduced or virtually eliminated. For further information, visit

The Nebraska Advantage Ace (LB312) includes:

  • Expanded incentives for 5 ‘tiers’ of investment and/or job creation
  • Small business advantage
  • Research and development advantage
  • Microenterprise tax credit advantage
  • Rural development advantage
  • State and local sales tax exemptions of manufacturing machinery, equipment, and related service

Nebraska Agricultural Innovation Advantage (LB90)

  • Agriculture opportunities and value-added partnership act
  • Building entrepreneurial communities act
  • Ethanol production incentive cash fund enhancement