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Southern Power District, a wholesale power customer of Nebraska Public Power District, provides retail electric service to Doniphan.

Contact the customer services manager of Southern Power District in Grand Island for more information regarding electric rates and service at 308-381-5941.

Natural Gas

Black Hills Energy supplies natural gas to Doniphan. This is provided through a two-inch transmission pipeline with an operating pressure of approximately 700 pounds per square inch on transmission line, and 30 maximum pounds per square inch on town lines.

Natural gas is available for residential and commercial uses. Availability of natural gas for industrial uses is subject to individual situations. As specific requirements of an industrial prospect become available, information on service availability and applicable rates can be obtained from Black Hills Energy Service Center at

LP Gas and Oil

LP Gas and Oil is available for residential, commercial and industrial uses in Doniphan at Aurora Co-op.


The municipal water system in Doniphan is supplied by three wells, which have an average depth of 215 feet. The system has a pumping capacity of 750 gallons per minute, and serves 100 percent of the Village’s population.

The water table has not changes significantly in the past few years and the quality of the water in Doniphan does not necessitate a water treatment plant. The water is clean, with a hardness of 270 parts per million.


Doniphan has a municipal sanitary sewerage system, and a storm sewer system. The three-cell lagoon system, built in 1980, was designed to serve a population of 750. The daily capacity of the system is 250,000 gallons, and the average daily flow is 142,000 gallons.

Solid Waste Disposal

Household wastes are hauled by a private business to the Grand Island disposal site. The Village of Doniphan has extensive capacity for grass, trees, concrete, and untreated lumber.


Mid-Nebraska Disposal of Grand Island provides recycling services for the Village of Doniphan. The drop-off site accepts #2 plastics, newspapers, aluminum, and cardboard. A tree burn site is provided for area residents at the landfill, as well as a compost site for grass clippings, leaves, weeds, and garden matter.