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Work Force

Nebraska’s well-educated labor force is productive, dependable, and available. Greater labor stability, reduced turnover, lower absenteeism, fewer work stoppages, happier and more contented employees, and higher individual productivity are characteristics of the excellent labor force in Nebraska. Doniphan is no exception!

By drawing potential employees from Doniphan and its neighboring communities, you are likely to find a workforce that exhibits a strong work ethic and technical proficiency.


Nebraska has a right-to-work provision in its constitution. In 2010, 9.3 percent of Nebraska’s employed workers were members of labor unions compared to a national figure of 12 percent. Union membership in Nebraska is concentrated in the railroad and packinghouse industries.

It is estimated that less than 1 percent of the total nonagricultural labor force in Doniphan in unionized. There have been no known strikes.

Population Data
2010 U.C. Census Estimates

City of Doniphan 829
Hall County 58,607
30-Mile Radius 123,150


Hall County Population by Age/Gender, 2010

Ages Male Female
18-24 2,511 2,376
25-44 7,808 7,361
45-64 7,301 7,423